The Internet

Each moment reimagines those before and after. This is the essence of performance and the mystery of progression. How do we understand ourselves as the audience of our own show? How do we live on screens?

Banana Gangsters

Picture a short banana in a fedora accompanied by a tall one—the muscle. A third banana, tied to a stake, has beads of sweat on his brow. “Banana Gangsters,” reads the caption. “Still not talking?” says the boss. “Ok Mugsy, peel him.”

Us North Americans

Late in the party, with the last two handfuls of us gathered around an island in the kitchen, Ben says, “Would you rather be smarter or happier?” Katie says smarter. Cory says happier. Alice says we need achievement in our lives. We all agree that the options feel forced. There’s too much competition in North … Continue Reading

Early Millennium Diary Entry of a California Girl

I met a tourist on the beach today. He said he’d been napping. I was playing guitar, high, and then we got in the water. He followed me home. I don’t know if Gran heard.

Home Base

How do you make sense of a traveler’s life? Put it in boxes? Organize loose categories of pictures, keepsakes, timelines? I have a collection of coins and crumpled bills, some from countries I’ve been to, others that have come into my possession in ways that remain mysterious to me. Sometimes I feel I should be … Continue Reading

Dispatches From

The bathroom is unisex at The Palace in Toronto, a rooming house. There’s nothing sexy about the place. It reminds me of certain shit-holes in India. Guests must be out by eleven. Traffic on King Street scores the night. A disposable razor stuck through two metal loops on the door keeps it locked from the … Continue Reading

Star Sign

Once I was really thirsty on a bus. We were driving through Nevada. The land outside the window was cracked from the heat. A young woman beside me with full breasts and white, flaking skin told me about her quest for self-discovery. “It’s like I’m trying to quench a deep need,” she said. She also … Continue Reading

Bowie Versus Weiwei

The work of Bowie and Weiwei once appeared simultaneously at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Bowie called his show “is”. Weiwei, as if to respond, called his show “According to What?” Both exhibits were reflections on late twentieth century identity possibilities. Both dealt with an individual’s relationship to a new sense of the world. The … Continue Reading

Cottage Country

So you meet your friend in cottage country. It’s summer and people are having a good time. You relax by the water. Go out for drinks. You know. You know the writer Leacock? Sunshine Sketches? We’re staying at my uncle’s place not far from Leacock’s old summer estate. I’m showing my buddy Josh around Ontario. … Continue Reading


It feels like the first fall Saturday of the year. Air cool since yesterday—not cold at noon yet but weathering toward winter. An Instagram online reminds me of Montreal. I moved there at twenty (in the fall) to write poetry. And the leaves and echoes of that place seem the saddest for me, in the … Continue Reading

The Man Whose Audience Broke

The acupuncturist said it was psychological. Or perhaps something I’d eaten or ate on a regular basis. Time to eat less gluten, corn syrup, selves. Walking down Broadway from the university, I frightened quick and my legs were sore. Uncomfortable thoughts stayed with my gaitly rhythm even through the turn west toward the park and the slowed … Continue Reading